About Sherwani Store

One of the leading Sherwani portals on the World Wide Web, Sherwanistore.com is dedicated to master craftsman-cum-tailor Rashid, who has been practising this profession for decades. Sherwani making is a long running tradition with Rashid and his family. The magic that remains evident in his creations owes its credit to excellent artistic abilities of his forefathers who nurtured and continued the art of Sherwani making generation after generation. If you can select a hundred out of a crore of Sherwani designer in the country, Rashid will surely be there in the top 100, most probably heading the list.

Rashid is a designer who has an innate feeling for all things natural. Not only Rashid's crafted Sherwani are ethnic and elegant but at the same time they are chic and exclusive. Whatever material he uses like raw silk, Matka silk, Patola silk, Tussore silk, pure silk or a range of other related fabric, even mundane cloth seems to become poetry and cast their ever lasting spell on the onlookers. Rashid's ever fertile mind develops a vast and imaginative range of Sherwanis to be worn on multiple occasions, be it a festive celebration, a get-together, a family celebration or a marriage ceremony.

Craftsmen (locally known as 'karigars') at sherwanistore.com are expertly trained in their respective field of artwork. They hail from different states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka etc. Rashid has handpicked these skilled craftsmen themselves. It is this efficient selection of artisans that provide people with only the best of all the ranges of embroidery work done in the country.

If you are lover of Sherwanis, Rashid has the power to transform your personality and to take your sense of style to the next level. To assist him create magic through clothes, Rashid employs a well versed creative team of craftsmen (locally known as 'karigars') and stitching specialists. Equipped with practical tips and useful recommendations, Rashid can tell you what would look best on you, keeping in mind your build, body type and your skin colour. And in any case, you will always get the level of comfort that you wish for.

Zardozi work, crystal work, dabka work, stone work, bead work, Swarovski work, thread work - you name it and Rashid has it all on his fingertips with all the technical details. He can even tell you from where these raw materials and procured, how they are used and on which fabric they can be done. And all this knowledge comes to him naturally. It is through his sheer passion for creating masterpieces that people return to him for more. He always strives to create something of exceptional value that define his work or art and leave a long lasting impression on the minds of people.

If you really want to look your best and give the occasion the importance it deserves, sherwanistore.com is at your service. Be it any style of Sherwani, kurta pajama or suit, Rashid promises to develop attires that make you look elegant, suit your mood and sense of style and match your level of comfort. While he gives you the option to select just one design, style or pattern from a range, it can really be an effort because each one would seem to look equally good.

Sherwani Store By Master Rashid