Pakistani Sherwani

Designs from Pakistan have earned their reputation in the fashion industry quite well. Whether it's a dress, a product or any accessory, Pakistani designs are preferred by people of all age groups and communities. In the genre of Sherwanis as well, you have an array of Pakistani designs to choose from. Pakistani SherwaniMore and more fashion designers and artists from Pakistan are evolving their imagination to contribute to the promotion and development of the fashion industry.

Design patterns have always reflected a specific culture. And the Pakistani design too revolves around the country's culture. It is also worth noticing that any design that seems to deviate from the culture and norms of the Pakistani people meets with rejection. Therefore, the Pakistani design is always done keeping in mind the cultural limitations of the Pakistanis. The Pakistani culture has germinated from a mix of the south Asian and Central Asian cultures. The culture of Pakistan also happens to be a form of the eastern culture.

The Pakistani design on Sherwanis is actually inspired by the Punjabis. Handwork representing the Pakistani design includes zari work, multi thread work and border embroidery work among others. The zari thread work comes in many colour variations which include silver, golden, maroon, green, turquoise etc.

A Pakistani design Sherwani comes along with a matching colour salwar. So as not to reduce the visibility of the salwar, the Sherwani is made only knee length. A pair of 'shahi' juties adorned with handcrafted work complements the look of the Pakistani design Sherwani. The juti is popular as the Punjabi juti of Lahore (capital of Pakistan).