Rayon Embroidery

The embroidery form is mostly preferred for its silk-like aesthetic quality, softness and for its retaining power of rich brilliant colours. Academically known as viscose rayon filament embroidery, rayon embroidery is also sometimes termed as artificial silk embroidery due to its high glossiness and glistening in appearance. Not only on Sherwanis, but the embroidery form is also extensively done on bed linens, kitchen linens, blankets, apparels etc. Rayon also happens to be the first manufactured fibre, the 'rayon' being officially coined by the textile industry itself. It is dissimilar from other fibres like nylon and polyester due to the fact that it is not synthetic.Rayon Embroidery In fact, it is produced from wood pulp which occurs naturally. It is due to this reason that rayon has properties matching those of natural cellulosic fibres.

Rayon embroidery on Sherwanis and other fabrics feels extremely comfortable and is quite soft to skin. Though like other cellulosic fibres, the rayon embroidery threads are not very resilient. Ironing temperature withstanding capacity of rayon threads are a little less than that of cotton. But the embroidery generally is resistant to insect damage.

A major characteristic of the rayon thread that it can easily be dyed and blended easily with many other fibres. The blend results in a great amount of lustre, softness and absorbency. Therefore, the rayon threads for embroidery are available in various quality and shades. There are 100% pure rayon embroidery threads are also available.

Rayon can be majorly classified into four types:

» Regular Rayon
» High Wet Modulus
» High Tenacity Rayon
» Cupramonium Rayon

There are some other specialised types of rayons as well. These types are developed to match the needs of high end users. Presently, the future of rayon looks very bright. Advanced technologies are coming into existence to make availability of rayon at cheaper rates and with better and enhanced quality.

Today, rayon threads are available in more than 1000 colours. So you can really look forward to multiple colour embroidery pattern on your dress material. Both Single thread and multi-thread rayon embroidery can be created on the fabric. You will definitely like the patterns due to their shining colour and lustre.

At sherwanistore.com, you can have a wide range of rayon embroidery done on your dress materials. The design patterns create high glossy effect on the fabric and extensively enhance the look of the Sherwani as well as your overall appearance. The rayon embroidery suits a lot if you are wearing the dress material during the summer. Because it has a high absorbing capacity and therefore can soak perspiration fast and allows evaporating from the skin. For more useful tips and suggestion and to make it last long, you can get in touch with us.