Party Sherwani

At Sherwani Store, we not only design Sherwanis for traditional occasions, but we also craft them to make an elegant party wear. Whether in terms of fabric used or embroidery type worked, a Party Sherwani can really make your personality shine. These days, particularly the youth class seems to have become addicted to wearing Party Sherwanis. Party SherwaniAnd since these Sherwanis come in a wide price range, anyone can select or get themselves a customized Sherwani to be worn at parties and other get-togethers. A Party Sherwani generally hangs down four inches below the knee and is worn with either a Churidar or a straight pajama, depending on people's personal choice and preference.

Fabric used for these Sherwanis are usually very lustrous and glossy. The fabric used has such sheen that even without any embroidery works done, it can attract eyes. Mainly used fabrics for a Party Sherwani include Zari fabric and brocade fabric. Embroidery patterns created on the fabric are not very dense. Light quality thread work is done incorporating embroidery types such as sequins beaded embroidery, metal embroidery, golden thread embroidery, silver bead embroidery etc. Designs are extremely delicate, unique and appealing.

Beads play an essential role to enhance the look and feel of a Party Sherwani. Embellishments are stitched to the fabric using silk and Resham threads. Coloured crystals, silver yarns and cords add much to the charm of the Sherwani. Sequins and beads have their use in creating motifs of flowers and leaves. Some delicate designs also create a dual colour effect adding a soft touch to the attire as well as the personality.

Accessories with a Party Sherwani include a wonderfully crafted pair of jutis or mojris and a matching colour stole. These jutis are pointed in shape and carry delicate thread work design and zari work. Stoles for these Sherwanis are available in different fabrics including silk, Rajasthani Bandhej, Kantha fabric and Tissue crush.

Sherwani Store designs Party Sherwanis in almost all bright colours. All the beads and sequins are placed on the Sherwani using superior quality golden and silver threads. While you choose to order Party Sherwanis with us, you can only expect innovative designs and high levels of craftsmanship. Our team of craftsmen and expert technicians are known to create charming and superior quality designs. They are well versed in the art because many of them have inherited the art from their forefathers and previous generations.