Casual Style Sherwani

This is the simplest of all types of Sherwani styles available today. They are officially worn by some of the most influential people in the country though. Mostly, academics, ministers and other political leaders wear the Casual Style Sherwani as daily attire. Zakir Hussain, the first president of India, used to wear this Sherwani regularly. Even in Muslim universities and educational institutions, this Sherwani style is extremely popular with students, lecturers and professors. Casual Style SherwaniA Casual Style Sherwani, however, can be worn by anyone who wants to wear Sherwanis casually or as part of an everyday routine. Though not decorated or embroidered like other Sherwani styles, a Casual Style Sherwani carries its own sophistication and weightage. The Aligarhi Sherwani also falls in the category of Casual Style Sherwanis.

Either woolen or a mix of Marino wool and polyester fabric is used to make a Casual Style Sherwani. To maintain its academic appeal, a Casual Style Sherwani is only made in two colours - cream and black. The Sherwani hangs down to the knee. It can even be made a few inches below knee. It comes with a pajama, also known as Aligarhi Pajama. At the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh), these Sherwanis are worn to keep alive a long running tradition of academics.

A Casual Style Sherwani does not have a stole or a scarf with it. A shawl, however, can be draped around the shoulders, keeping in mind the season. Jutis or Mojris are an essential part of simply any type of Sherwani. With a Casual Style Sherwani as well, a pair of jutis are worn. Traditionally, a pair of plain 'Nagra Jutis' of black colour is worn to complement the overall look of the Sherwani.

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