Kalgi with Feather

At SherwaniStore.com, we have been providing our clients with a wide range of well crafted kalgis and feathers. Used to ornate traditional attires, kalgis are an essential part of the Indian cultural heritage and a portrayal of the rich Indian craftsmanship. We are manufacturers of superlative quality kalgis, available in numerous shapes and designs. High quality is ensured while we craft kalgis and feathers for your traditional garments. Apart from being unique both in quality and designs, we offer them also at an affordable price. It is due to our superior quality that we have been able to export our kalgis and feathers in different parts of the country and the world.

Klagis are meant to symbolize prestige and royalty, particularly during wedding celebrations for Indian grooms. Ornamented kalgis feature detailed handwork to make them look ethnic and elegant. Accessories always have a key role to play in enhancing the personality of the wearer. Our craftsmen innovatively create an array of designs, figures and symbols to add to your taste. Whether you want a pre-designed kalgi or a customized one, we are here to offer you nothing but the best. Because all we want is to add a majestic appeal to your attires and garments.