Kurta Pajama

The demand for traditional Indian costumes is on the rise with each passing day. Whether it is the community of designers or the image-conscious people, ethnic wears seem to have almost become a craze for all. One of the country's most experienced manufacturers and suppliers, Sherwani Store strives to satiate the requirement of all those who have an eye for Indian traditional attires and like to wear them either formally or casually. Kurta PajamaKurta Pajama (or Pyjama) is basic clothing for men in India. The dress material is liked due to the level of comfort ethnic look that it provides.

Kurta Pajamas are also extensively used as an accessory with Sherwani. These garments are designed from softer fabrics so as to provide a heightened level of comfort to the wearer. Exquisite colour combinations of the fabric used makes Kurta Pajama suit almost all designs of Sherwanis. Silk, stain and cotton are commonly used to prepare Kurta Pajamas. Among these, cotton fabric happens to be the most preferred fabric for making Kurta Pajamas. As these garments are meant to be lose fitting and comfortable, only softer fabrics are used to make them.

Though men are usually seen wearing Kurta Pajama on formal gatherings and traditional occasions, these garments also quite fit as a dress material worn at home. A good number of Indian men also prefer to use Kurta Pajama as their sleepwear. A Kurta Pajama is comprised of two lose fitting pieces of garments - a knee length Kurta resembling a long shirt and a pair of lightweight drawstring trousers known as Pajama or Pyjama (derived from Persian meaning 'leg garment'). It is due to its dignified look and ethnic appeal that Kurta Pajamas are worn by people of all ages, regardless of castes or communities.

If you wish to wear Kurta Pajamas separately, you can do without any hassle. Right from neutral shades to multiple colours, you can go for a shade that you most like or that suits you most. Kurta Pajamas are available in numerous hues and patterns. You must have noticed people wearing Kurta Pajamas on traditional festivals like Holi, Durga Pooja, Diwali and other special occasions.

Sherwani Store has made a name for itself in manufacturing and designs Kurta Pajamas of various shades, styles and patterns. A highly skilled and committed team of craftsmen is always busy in creating Kurta Pajamas from superior quality fabrics. Kurta Pajamas designed by Sherwani Store are loved and preferred all across the country as well as by NRIs living outside India. For that specially dignified look and ethnic appeal, you will always love to dress yourself up in a traditionally designed Kurta Pajama. While you entrust us with the responsibility, you can be sure that Sherwani Store will provide with a cluster of well crafted, expertly tailored and ethnically elegant Kurta Pajama.