Mirror Embroidery

Originated around 13th century in Persia, the mirror embroidery is one of the most attractive forms of embroidery. The embroidery is so named because it extensively incorporates mirror (locally known as sheesha). Different types of stitching are used to enhance the effect of the mirror work. Though the mirror embroidery specifically belongs to the state of Gujarat, it is practised by artisans all across India. When done of Sherwanis, mirror pattern heightens the impressiveness of the attire and gives it an ethnic and elegant look. Mirror EmbroideryThe design patterns available in mirror embroidery have much variety and depends on the design work selected.

The Jat or the Banni community is known to create various glass shapes and sizes. After being cut into different shapes and sizes, these incredibly miniscule mirrors are used in embroidery patterns done on a wide range of fabric and dress materials. Miniscule mirrors are also used in the Kathi embroidery. In Kathi embroidery, the mirror pieces are used to fill the central portions of flowers and to fill the eyes of birds and other animals. Initially, mirror embroidery was worked on encrusted yoke using multiple colour threads including white, orange, blue etc.

Apart from Gujarat, the mirror work is also practised in Rajasthan with much dedication and skill. It is actually the use of different stitch patterns that enhances the elegance of the overall embroidery work. Very often a combination of cross stitch, satin stitch and buttonhole stitch is incorporated to create eye catching mirror embroidery patterns on fabrics. Mirror EmbroideryPrior to the availability of minuscule glasses, mica was used to create mirror-like embroidery designs. But with the passage of time, the art form flourished and miniscule mirrors became available in different shapes and sizes. These glass shapes are cut from long mirror sheets. Today, one can easily find small mirrors commercially available in local embroidery shops.

While mirror embroidery is done on fabric, the artisan takes utmost care that the edges of the mirrors fit perfectly well and they are not sharp. Since these small mirrors are actually glass pieces, they also reflect all over when the sun pours in or when it reflects beams of rays from other artificial sources. So, apart from possessing an artistic expression and giving you a feel of warmth, the mirror work also creates a little magic on the scene. And the person wearing the mirror embroidered attire suddenly attracts attention from onlookers. It adds wonderful sparkle to the whole personality.

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