It is a world popular luxury brand that produces an array of lead crystal glass. Whether it's a sculpture, a jewellery set, home décor or chandeliers, Swarovski crystals have an all-embracing presence. These crystals are also used to ornate a range of dress materials including Sherwanis. SwarovskiToday, Swarovski crystal beads are used by manufacturers, artists and craftsmen across the world. These crystal beads are known for their elegant colours, shapes and sizes.

To increase refraction, Swarovski crystals contain around 32% lead. Some of these crystals also have a metallic chemical coating so that light can refract in a rainbow spectrum. Besides metallic chemical coating, other coatings on Swarovski crystals include crystal Transmission, Volcano, Aurum and Dorado. Coatings on crystal beads vary from partly, and completely to even twice to enhance the effect. To identify the coatings, these are termed as AB 2X and Dorado 2X among others.

Swarovski crystals have a unique identity in the world due to their precision cut, clarity and sparkle. Initially, these crystal beads were used jewelleries. Today, they are also widely used as appliqués in home décor and clothing fashion among other variety of things. Besides the accuracy in cut, Swarovski crystals are also known for featuring numerous colours and shapes.