Kantha Embroidery

The word Kantha in Sanskrit means rags whereas to Bengalis it refers to embroidered quilt. Though the stitch pattern used in the embroidery is ordinary, it the artisans' exquisite work that makes the embroidery look extraordinary. History narrates that Kantha embroidery came into existence to prevent against cold. According to a legend, the embroidery owes its origin to Lord Buddha and his followers. When they needed something to cover themselves, they collected the worn out or thrown out rags and stitched them together. Kantha EmbroideryAnother legend has it that when expensive silk and muslins were worn out, women instead of throwing them away used to create a unique form of cloth. They stitched the cloth pieces in layers and that's how Kantha embroidery was developed.

The Kantha embroidery also finds its mention in Sri Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita by Krishnadas Kaviraj, around 500 years ago. The exclusive embroidery form was actually an opportunity for women to vent their self expression. The actual Kantha embroidery is believed to depict the emotions and the life of the artist.

Like most of the other forms of embroidery, Kantha embroidery also revolves around motifs taken from the Hindu mythology, flowers, animals and geometric patterns. These motif patterns on the fabric can range from being very simple to very intricate. The design pattern, however, depends on the requirement and the preference of the individuals. Kantha embroidery is today done in a variety of design patterns. Depending on the way it is created, Kantha embroidery can be of the following types.

Archilata Kantha Embroidery
These are characterised by colourful borders and are usually meant for small covers for mirrors, toilet accessories etc.

Baiton Kantha Embroidery
The embroidery type features elaborate border designs. They are used while preparing covers for books and other such items.

Durjani Embroidery
The Kantha pieces that are rectangular in shape are termed as durjani, used to make quilted wallets of various shapes.

Oaar Kantha Embroidery
The embroidery is created on pillow covers. The embroidered patterns are simple and decorative borders are stitched to enhance the design effect.

Sujani Kantha Embroidery
These are quite traditional but embellished quilted Kantha, mainly used for blankets during religious rituals and ceremonies. The embroidery originated in the state of Bihar.

Rumal Kantha Embroidery
The embroidery is marked by a central lotus floral pattern, along with decorative borders to make the design eye-catching. These are used mainly for plate coverings.

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