Kurta with Churidaar Pajama

Wearing a well crafted pair of Kurta Pajama enlivens the age-old tradition of India. Sherwani Store has long been involved in contributing itself to promoting the enriching the traditional heritage by creating Kurta with Churidar that has a beautiful and elegant appearance. You have an opportunity to select your piece from a wide range and variety of designs, patterns and color combination. Kurta with Churidaar PajamaEven if you want Kurta and Pajama to be customized according to your needs, Sherwani Store presents itself as a leading and one of country's most experienced groups of expert technicians and craftsmen.

Kurta with Churidar Pajama is mainly designed using Banarasi fabric and various silk types including Pure Silk, Raw Silk, Matka Silk and Patola Silk among others. Silk fabric has been one of the most liked fabrics for ages due to its incredible luster and sheen. And the fact that the fabric also can be dyed quite easily. Due to its wonderful texture, silk fabric makes you feel warm and therefore it is a preferred fabric for designing Kurta with Churidar Pajama. Besides, silk fabric also suits numerous embroidery types and patterns.

Embroidery work done on Kurta with Churidar includes Zardozi Embroidery and Aari Taari Embroidery. In the Zardozi Embroidery, exclusive Zari threads are used. These silver and gold threads are extremely delicate and therefore used with great care and skill by the craftsmen. Silver and gold threads are used to create multiple embroidery patterns that feature various motifs. Today, Zari threads are also available in colours other than golden and silver. The availability of colour combinations helps to make the handwork and embroidery on the Kurta even more elegant and eye catching. 'Tilla' work is used by the craftsmen to highlight the patterns on the fabric.

Churidar has a different look and feel than the salwar and therefore the Kurta with Churidar Pajama is liked as unique and exquisite combination. Churidar was actually tailored by traditional designers to create something new from salwar. In the modern age, Churidar has become a rage both among men and women. A Churidar fits tight at the hips, thighs and ankles and given an altogether different look.

The length of a Kurta is usually below knee. However, people also like dressing themselves up in Kurta which is a few inches above knee. Keeping in mind the jazzy times, the Kurta is available or is designed in various shapes which include numerous neck shapes, neck depth and the length of the Kurta. The look and appearance of Kurta with Churidar Pajama also various in terms of design, embroidery, handwork, sequins and adornments, durability, quality and look.

Depending on your requirements and comfort level, Sherwani Store designs Kurta with Churidar Pajama ranging from simple to complex. With the use of superior quality fabric, threads and other adornments, the Kurta with Churidar Pajama is a perfect attire of choice for, suiting various purpose and special occasions.