Juti / Mojari

Footwear has always been an essential part of any attire or costume. The list of Indian footwear is never complete without the mention of handmade mojris or jutis, associated with numerous cultures in India. Whether you are looking for embroidered mojaris, beaded mojris or just a plain pair, they exist in abundance and are simply fascinating. Juti / Mojari / MojrisVarious regions of India are known for their specific versions of jutis that can be worn on numerous festive and celebratory occasions.

Some famous juti types available in India are as follows:

Pointed Jutis
Exclusively designed and decorated, pointed mojris are specially worn with Sherwanis, Achkans and Pathani suits. Multi thread embroidery and delicate handwork make these jutis highly attention grabbing. Prepared from silk cloth, pointed jutis feature a pasted bottom sole.

Juti / Mojari / MojrisWedding Jutis
The main features of these jutis include multicolor thread work, dapka work and specially designed patchwork. The thread used to decorate the jutis is either made of silver or copper. If you are wearing an embroidered suit, an exclusive pair of these jutis can add an ethnic look to your entire personality.

Daily Wear Jutis
These jutis can be worn on almost all types of occasions. The exclusive footwear is characterized by soft cushion padding and provides much comfort. To make the jutis look captivating, hand embroidery is done on them. These jutis are very durable and strong. Not only the daily wear jutis are long lasting, but they also have the capability to attract attention of the onlookers.

Jodhpuri Jutis
Juti / Mojari / MojrisWhether or not a footwear connoisseur, you must have heard about the Jodhpuri jutis, popular all across India and the world. Mojris of Jodhpur (Rajasthan) are a favourite of all, regardless of the communities they belong to. These jutis are normally hand crafted and are available in a variety of shades and designs. Jodhpuri jutis go are a perfect match for traditional attires like Sherwanis, Achkans, kurta pajama and of course Jodhpuri suits. Jodhpuri jutis add a royal touch to your personality.

Plain Jutis
These jutis are meant for casual style Sherwanis. They do not have any kind of hand or embroidery work on them. These are mostly worn by the academics. Plain jutis are also worn with Aligarhi Sherwani along with the plain Aligarhi Pajama. These jutis are pointed and black in colour.

Saleem Shahi Jutis
The history of these jutis dates back to the Mughal era. In those days, the jutis were worn by the Mughal kings and the royalty. The prominent feature of the Saleem Shahi jutis is the exclusive zari work. Beads, pearls, precious stones and semi precious stones are delicately used to embellish these regal jutis.

Punjabi Jutis of Lahore
These jutis are an important part of the Punjabi culture. Colourful embroidery work and thread work is done on them to make them look ethnic. Though these jutis can be worn on a number of occasions, they are actually meant for Pakistani style Sherwanis. The Punjabi jutis go quite well with a Patiala style salwar.

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