Maharaja Sherwani

The exclusive design patterns are attributed to the kings and maharajas of the bygone era, specifically the Mughal era. According to the craftsmen, who have been practicing the art, these designs were originated in the historical city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh. However, Maharaja designs do not only relate to the Mughal kings but also the Rajput kings during that period. A maharaja design on traditional attires is characterized by dense artwork and handwork. Maharaja SherwaniMughal king designs and Rajput king designs can be differentiated from each other only in terms of motifs. Otherwise, both the patterns are equally popular and liked by one and all across India and the world.

The dense patterns and the elegant artwork were both liked and patronized by kings. Even today, these designs are as elegantly royal as ever. A Sherwani ornate and embellished with Maharaja design is something any Indian groom on his wedding day can ever wish for. The fascinating combination of handwork and embroidery pattern of the Maharaja design makes the attire look ethnic as well adds a captivating charm to the entire personality. Those with even a hint of the Indian history can feel and reminisce the glory of the Mughal era as they dress themselves in a Maharaja design Sherwani or any other traditional attire meant for celebratory occasions.

What makes a Maharaja design worth craving is the wonderful collage of a variety of embroidery patterns and a range of handwork including dabka work, stone, naqshi work, zardozi work, mirror work, crystal work and sequence etc. These designs are mostly embossed and dense, just befitting the style and luxury of a maharaja.

Motifs created in the Maharaja design are inspired from nature, objects of mythology, flowers, birds and animals. If the Maharaja designs include only Mughali work, it is bound not to have motifs inspired from animals or birds. It is in accordance with the Muslim tradition that exhibits a Muslim to wear attires adorned with animal figures. Rajput Maharaja designs, however, can include animals, birds and other figures belonging to the Hindu mythology. In case, floral patterns are used as motifs, leaves are used to fill out the blank spaces. If the pattern features a sun, rays of the sun are used by craftsmen to fill out the spaces.

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