Polyester Embroidery

Having gained popularity in both domestic and foreign markets, polyester embroidery signifies a new and unique dimension to the work of art. The embroidery adds an elegant touch to a variety of traditional and ceremonial costumes. It is done on numerous Sherwani types, Kurta Pajamas and also on suits meant for festive occasions. Not only on traditional textiles products, but they can also be seen on other items and accessories. In day to day life, you must have noticed the used of polyester embroidery across a range of products. Polyester EmbroideryCarry bags, casement curtains, kitchen linens, throw rugs and blankets - all of these items can be seen a variety of polyester embroidery patterns.

Threads used in this embroidery are mainly polyester fibres. They have become popular due to their numerous properties. Polyester fibres are known to be strong, crispy and soft. These threads possess an anti-shrink characteristic and also have pleat retention. Polyester embroidery carries a colourful combination. In this form of embroidery, numerous stitching styles are used to create unique and captivating patterns. Romanian couching, woven picots and French knots are main stitching patterns used in Polyester embroidery.

Polyester thread embroidery is basically worked through machines. It doesn't however diminish the scope of design patterns in any way. Elegant designs are created in a range of shades and combinations. Polyester threads have a resistance to any kind of breaking and therefore have found a use for diverse applications. Polyester threads can also be easily dyed.

It is due to the introduction of Polyester embroidery that we get to see an exotic collection of exquisitely designed textiles. Besides having a high utilitarian value polyester embroidered fabrics are also seen being used in bed linen, drawing and dining linen, kitchen linens, apparels and bathroom furnishing among others. Being very strong and highly resilient, polyester fibres can easily withstand the rigors of the day to day use.