Kathi Embroidery

The embroidery is mostly known for its brightness, colour and vivacity. Kathi embroidery imparts a special kind of exclusivity when it is done on Sherwanis. The embroidery form belongs to the state of Gujarat, known for a wide range of artwork. It is known as Kathi embroidery because it is practised by the women of the Kathi community (a nomadic tribe) in Gujarat. However, this form of embroidery is practised and done all over the country. Kathi EmbroideryThere are skilled craftsmen who perform excellent handwork to make attires look elegant. Apart from being unique, the Kathi embroidery also has the eminence of being the oldest form of embroidery in the state of Gujarat.

Intensely vivid coloured threads are used to create beautiful patterns of Kathi embroidery. Most popularly used thread colours used to create embroidery pattern include scarlet, purple and yellow among others. Not only on fabrics and attires, the Kathi embroidery is also extensively done in ornate wall hangings and door frames. The Kathi embroidery can be classified into two major types - Aditya Fatiya and Patch Work. Multiple colour threads are skillfully stitched to create elegant patterns on a variety of fabrics. One can easily notice lots of appliqué work which is used in Kathi embroidery.

Though the state of Gujarat is famous for a number of other embroidery works, the Kathi embroidery can be easily distinguished from other forms and types of embroideries. Most common patterns in Kathi embroidery include animal motifs, flower motifs, peacock motifs and geometrical shapes among others. To make these embroidery patterns look even more beautiful, mirror work is done to fill the central part of the flowers and the eyes of the birds. Kathi embroidery looks best on base cloth like silk and satin. The thread for this embroidery is made from either cotton or silk floss. The floral and animal patterns created through Kathi embroidery mostly related to the Hindu mythology and therefore has a special significance.

The base fabric for Kathi embroidery is of dark colour while the thread used can be crimson, violet, golden yellow or white with green in colour. The embroidery uses a special kind of stich pattern termed as herringbone. This special kind of stitch has the capacity to easily fill other stitches used on the fabric. The outline of the designs is done with elongated darn, chain and chain cum interlacing. Blue colour threads are scarcely used in the Kathi embroidery. Thread colours like green and blue are only meant to provide a balance effect to the overall embroidery pattern. Kathi embroidery further has many forms. Most popular forms of the Kathi embroidery are Heer and Gureri.