Rajasthani Sherwani

The land of Maharajas, Rajasthan remains steeped in age-old tradition and culture. The state is known the world over for its rich cultural heritage of art and crafts. Today, Rajasthani design has become a favourite of both the local people as well as the art connoisseurs. Whether it is fashion garments for women or men, Rajasthani works of art and craft are visible all around. The artwork in Rajasthan has been handed down from generation to generation. Banarasi Silk or Benarasi SilkWhen Sherwani designs are a subject of discussion, design patterns from Rajasthan have their own unique place.

A Rajasthani design Sherwani is usually Angarkha style i.e. that is it has a side cut. The Sherwani open on one side rather than opening in the front middle part. The Rajasthani style Sherwanis have been in fashion right from the time of the maharajas. The maharajas in Rajasthan were fond of a luxurious lifestyle and at the same time were great patronages of artistic skills and capabilities. Their attires were exclusively bejewelled with precious stones like neelam, pokhraj and panna among others. Even today, these gems and stones are available. But since the real ones prove to be a bit expensive, people prefer imitation and semi precious stones over them.

On a Rajasthani styled Sherwani, one can easily notice delicate embroidery work which includes handwork of stones, crystals and dabka work. Zari work is also extensively used when a Sherwani is designed in the Rajasthani style. To add to the elegance of the Sherwani, sparkling beads and pearls are also used. Studded with multiple colour gems and stones, a Rajasthani style Sherwani looks all the more ethnic and adds a special touch and importance to the personality.

Usually, the design patterns on a Rajasthani style Sherwani are quite dense and have an embossing effect. The patterns depict various elements and characters of the Hindu mythology. Popular design patterns in the Rajasthani embroidery include shapes of birds and animals. Elephants and peacock designs are very popular in Rajasthani design work.

There are many ways in which one can relish the opulence and luxuries of the maharajas of yore. Getting attired in a Rajasthani design Sherwani is of course one of the wonderful ways to remind you of the glorious days of the bygone era. At the same time, while you wear a Sherwani designed in the Rajasthani style, you also attract the attention of the onlookers and make the most of the occasion.