Pure Silk

Silk is extensively used as a most preferred fabric for making Sherwanis of a variety of styles. While silk is available in a wide range, pure silk is known for its beautiful nature luster and feel. The characteristic features of pure silk are its long lasting quality and light weight. Pure silk fabric provides a heightened level of comfort to the wearer as well ads elegance to the entire personality. Pure SilkToday, pure silk is available in multiple shades and Sherwanis made from this type of silk are in demand by both the young and not so young.

The making of silk fabric owes its credit to the Chinese and its history dates back to the 3rd millennium BC. The lustrous fibre is procured from the larva of a Chinese silk worm, scientifically known as Bombyx mori. The art of obtaining silk fibre from these worms is termed as sericulture, which is practised traditionally.

An interesting legend is associated with the discovery of pure silk. It is believed that a Chinese empress named Xiling Shi once plucked a cocoon from a mulberry tree. Accidentally, the cocoon fell into the hot cup of tea. Soon, the empress watched a strong thread from this cocoon. The thread came to be known as silk fibre. Pure SilkFor many centuries after that the Chinese kept the discovery of silk as a secret to themselves. This is how the silk industry came into existence.

It is interesting to note that the silk worm spins its cocoon from a single long thread which can be more than a mile in length when unravelled. When the silk fibre passes into human hands they spin multiple fine fibre thread to create delicate and strong silk thread which is then used to weave fabrics.

Pure silk is mostly liked for its wonderfully natural sheen and luster. Since the silk fibre has the quality of getting dyed easily, craftsmen produce silk fabric of a variety of shades. Another important quality of pure silk is that it can absorb up 30% of its own weight. Pure silk has such texture that it makes one feel warm and is an ideal fabric for designing Sherwanis of a variety of styles.