It is interesting to note that each trollbead is associated with its own history. What makes them unique is the fact that they are always inspired from mythology, astrology, culture and the affairs of everyday life. While it is extensively used in jewellery and traditional garments, each trollbead has a story behind it. TrollbeadsThat's what makes trollbeads one of the most liked and coveted object of beauty. They are exclusively handcrafted from glass pieces including gold, silver and Italian.

Besides their original design, trollbeads are captivating in the sense that they are created by a heady combination of numerous fascinating materials. Raw materials used to make trollbeads include sterling silver, 18 carat gold, Italian Murano glass and natural pearls as well as precious stones. The idea of trolbeads was born around 25 years ago. However, they are created in abundance today by world famous jewellery designers. Not only trollbeads are unique but are created in a wide range, featuring over 200 captivating models. Due to their uniqueness, trollbeads have been recognized internationally. Not only that, but have also been displayed at Sculpture Objects & Functional Art in Chicago and New York.

The range of trollbeads available today includes:

» Trollbead Symbols
» Trollbead Flowers
» Trollbead Animals
» Trollbead Zodiac Signs

Trollbeads are created through a procedure. First of all, the original models are created in hard wax cast. After this, these models are finished in metal. At other times, the models are directly created in red hot glass.

Designers and craftsmen use trollbeads creatively to ornate fashion garments. Which shape and type of trollbeads are to be used depends on the selection of fabric, the garment or even the preference of the user. Mostly preferred trollbeads include silver trollbeads, gold trollbeads, silver and gold trollbeads, glass trollbeads etc.