Dhoti Kurta

Mostly popular with the South Indian and the Bengali culture, Dhoti makes an exquisite combination with an elegantly embroidered Kurta. However, these days, people belonging to different background and communities have accepted the worthy look and the eye catching appearance of Dhoti Kurta. At Sherwani Store, we designs and supply Dhoti Kurta in various designs, patterns and colour combinations. Dhoti KurtaThanks to the variety of Indian traditional artforms, an array of embroidery patterns can be worked on the Kurta to add a captivating charm to this traditional attire. With a perfect finish and high level of craftsmanship, the Dhoti Kurta impart to your personality that is really worth appreciating.

The Kurta worn with the Dhoti is knee-length and features dense Zardozi thread work patterns. Zardozi meaning 'golden embroidery' is an age-old form of metallic embroidery. The embroidery form makes use of delicate gold and silver threads. Zardozi work has been in fashion right from the time of the Mughal kings. Even today, it symbolizes the rich traditional heritage of artwork and craftsmanship in India. Craftsmen create intricate embroidery patterns with gold and silver threads on the Kurta. Threadwork is mostly done on the shoulder, chest area, sleeves and neck. Fabric and colour of Dhoti is selected as per the quality of Kurta. Dhoti can also be made from different fabrics.

The Kurta is designed with a variety of high quality fabric available today. These include silk, linen, georgette, Patola Silk, Bhagalpuri Silk, Matka Silk, Katan Silk and Banarasi Silk among others. Whichever fabric is selected for designing the Kurta, Zardozi thread work suits them all. Multiple colour threads and variety of designs are used to add elegance to Dhoti Kurta which you can wear on numerous special and festive occasions.

The team of craftsmen and technicians at Sherwani Store hail from different states of India. Most of them have been practicing the artwork from the time of their forefathers. Therefore, we can always assure of exceptional handwork and embroidery making use of high quality fabric, threads, sequins and other embellishments. Should you need more clarifications or want some useful recommendations, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts anytime you want.