American Diamonds

In today's world, real jewellery happens to be quite expensive. However the desire of adorning oneself is permanent. Sparkling diamonds make the personality dazzle and the best part is that they do not necessarily have to be real ones. American DiamondsAlso termed as cubic zirconia, the American diamonds have arrived as an easy option to adorn oneself without worrying about the price. The American diamonds are a great alternative to real diamonds.

For years, various alternatives have been tried to replace real diamonds. Lead crystals, highly compressed graphite and carborundum are a few examples of the look-alikes of the real diamonds. But the American diamonds have really proved to be a unique and risk-free solution to satisfying the desire for decorating dress materials with sparkling diamonds. In the beginning when the cubic zirconia was first produced in Soviet Union, it wasn't free from impurities and imperfections. Later, a US company took charge of making the cubic zirconia free from impurities and resemble the original gem.

The American diamond goes through a long technical procedure after which attains the look and feel of a real diamond. If cutting and polishing of the American diamonds is done to perfections, it is really tough to differentiate it from a real diamond. American DiamondsThe cost of the American diamonds is only a few thousand rupees per kg and therefore anyone can get these sparkling diamonds on their traditional garments and dress materials.

The quality of an American diamonds depends on four factors - cut, colour, clarity and carat. On the G scale (marked from 1 to 10), the American diamond reads 6 while the maximum reading for the hardest diamond would read 10 on this scale.

Apart from fashion garments and dress materials, the American diamond is extensively used in jewellery sets. The diamond has the quality of attracting everyone's attention due to its glitter and excellent flawless finish. At times, even jewellers get confused whether it is a piece of American diamond or a real one. The only technical method to differentiate an American diamond from a real diamond is by a method known as thermal conductivity.

Characteristics of an American Diamond:

» It is more brilliant than a real diamond.
» It does not blacken.
» In terms of durability, it can be compared to the real diamond.
» It has multicolour flashes, particularly red and yellow.
» It does not wear away.