Banjara Embroidery

The Banjara tribes are counted among the most colourful tribal communities in India. These nomadic tribes are said to be the descendents of the gypsies of Europe. It was thousand of years back when these tribe groups arrived in India and settled in the deserts region of Rajasthan, a northwestern Indian state. As many critics put it, the dress materials and jewellery worn by the banjara tribes are the most fashionable in the country. Today, the Banjara embroidery is incorporated in various garments industries and on a variety of fabric and traditional attire. Banjara EmbroideryYou can find a vibrant coloured range of Banjara embroidery on bags, belts, purses, pillow covers, bedspread, kurtas, salwar suits, Sherwanis etc.

Major features of Banjara tribal embroidery are the vivacious colours, ornate patterns and delicate mirror work. When done on traditional wear, the exclusive embroidery designs make the fabric appear excellently beautiful. Since the Banjara form of embroidery has absorbed in itself various cultural themes, the design patterns are also available in a huge variety. The extent of the artwork done also depends on the availability of raw materials. Traditional Banjara dress materials and home garments sport peculiar mirror work and are wonderfully studded with ivory beads, shells and multiple colour threads.

With the passage of time Banjara embroidery has widened its reach. While initially it was chiefly created on traditional ghagra, choli and men's jacket, it is today extensively done on everyday accessories including bags, belts, bedspread, wall hangers and also for embellishments of the living room. The embroidery form has an across the board acceptance and entered the mainstream. However, the soul of traditional craft is still alive and is preferred by people of all ages.

The Nomadic tribes or the Banjaras are wandering groups. They do not limit themselves with the boundaries and binds of the urban life. This spirit of roaming from places to places reflects a sense of liberty. It is this limitlessness and freedom that is reflected through the Banjara embroidery designs. The traditional craft has been handed from generation to generation and Banjara communities strive to preserve the artwork that they have inherited from their forefathers.

Woollen and linen threads are used to create Banjara embroidery motifs on cloths. It is done either using chain stitch pattern or double herringbone stitch. Unique cowries shell embellishments enhance the feel and look of the design a lot. The superb design can also be created on both side of the products or the fabric.