Sherwani with Patiala Salwar

Sherwani with a Patiala salwar or pajama is a fine option to enjoy festivities and also look good at the same time. Though many people also use the Sherwani as a regular dressing, it is used as exclusive wear among the urban communities. Marriage celebrations are just the right time to wear the Sherwani with a Patiala salwar or pajama. Sherwani with Patiala Salwar/PajamaThe length of the Sherwani will always depend on the height of the person who wears it. Along with a matching dupatta, the Sherwani can transform the entire personality and give the occasion the importance it deserves.

A number of malls, designer lines and shops sell readymade Sherwani with Patiala salwar. However, people prefer a tailored or customised Sherwani because it gives them the required comfort and room to them. You can choose from a range of simple styles as well as more designed and decorated styles. Since the Sherwani is worn with either a Patiala salwar or a pajama, the Sherwani doesn't necessarily require heavy embroidery patterns. You can easily choose from a wide range of light and dense embroidery and thread work.

Apart from raw silk fabric, Sherwanis are also available in cotton. A cotton Sherwani seems just the perfect option to beat the summer heat. If you wish to go for cotton Sherwani, you can select shades like beige or coffee, coupled with a red and green dupatta to add to your personality a special touch. Other light and bright shades are also available and you can choose a colour as per your comfort and preference.

Designer collars are readily available for this type of Sherwani. But, if you want to go with the usual round necked pattern, you can also choose that option. It actually depends on the level of individual comfort. Even you can decide the extent of embroidery work done on the cuffs, shoulder and in the front.

Traditionally worn by Punjabi females, the Patiala salwars is a major feature of the Sherwani. This specific kind of salwar is a good option for people who do not like to wear a dhoti with a Sherwani. A Patiala salwar is made of soft textured fabric, because it helps to emphasize the multiple folds and falls of the piece. To make the Patiala salwar more visible, the Sherwani is made knee length. People with lanky features would always like to go for a Patiala salwar, as it gives a healthy or plump look.

People, who do not love patial style salwar, can get themselves a light and matching colour pajama. As per the trends, the Sherwani can be worn both with a Patiala salwar or a pajama. Because it is always the individual's level of comfortability that counts. In either ways the shade of the Patiala salwar or pajama has to be lighter so that it goes well with the dark shade of the Sherwani.

In terms of accessories, jutis and turbans are a part and parcel of the entire look. But one should note that the colour of the jutis and turbans matches well with that of the dupatta or the odhni. Jutis and turbans should not be in high contrast with the shade of the dupatta. Turban whith embellishments of brooch and pins would impart an added elegance to the overall appearance of the Sherwani.