Gemstones & Beads

Gems or gemstones can be broadly classified into precious and semi precious stones. These universally valued stones and beads have been in use for the past several hundred years. Though there is no specific grading system to measure the value of the gemstones (except the colourless diamonds), they can be judged on the basis of their colour, cut, clarity and carat used. Commonly, 'precious' is a term which is used to refer to precious stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. Over the years, however, the composition of both precious and semi precious stones have changed frequently. Gemstones & BeadsThe value of gems or gemstones are primarily determined by the purity and the beauty of the colour. Gems are beads are widely used in the fashion industry including both jewellery and traditional garments.

Most gemstones and beads are actually cut and polished from specific minerals. Not all gemstones are pieces of minerals though. There are certain rocks and organic materials that in use by the fashion industry and therefore have come to be called gemstones. Examples include lapis-lazuli (rock material) and amber (organic material). Gems and beads have a high aesthetic value due to their rarity, luster, optical phenomena and other physical properties. Generally, gemstones happen to be hard. The archaic term 'water' is often used by jewellers to determine the value of a gem. A 'first water' gem is considered to be of the finest quality. 'Second water', 'third water' and 'bye water' are hierarchically used to refer to gems of comparatively lower values.

Gemstones & BeadsGemstones are beads are created in numerous shapes. There are a few which are used in their original form. Most of them, however, go through a long procedure of cutting and polishing. In terms of their shapes, gems can be main classified into 'cabochons' (smooth and dome shaped) and faceted (with facets at regular intervals). Opaque stones such as opal and turquoise are created in cabochons shape while transparent ones are cut and polished with facets (which impart optical properties).

Gems and beads are delicately used in numerous embroidery forms as well. Right from the time of the maharajas and kings, precious and semi precious stones have been used to decorate traditional garments. Even today, ceremonial and wedding costumes are adorned with a range of beads, pearls and other precious and semi precious stones. Sherwani Store has had a long reputation of designing traditional and fashion garments making use of semi precious beads and precious gemstone beads.

Employing the highest levels of dexterity, Sherwani Store craftsmen work numerous elegant embroidery patterns on the fabric using gems, beads and pearls. Cut and polished by extremely well versed gemstone cutters, these stones are available in various shades including blue, green, yellow, red, pink, orange-pink, turquoise, azure etc. Sherwanis studded with precious and semi precious stones signify ethnicity, a rich cultural heritage as well as have the power to transform the whole persona.