Silk Embroidery

Originated in China, the art of silk embroidery has been in practice for as long as 3,800 years. The beautiful tradition still continues with all the fervour and dedication and has its lovers all across the globe. Not only art connoisseurs, but the common men also have appreciation for this great traditional work of art. A lot of skill and effort goes into creating silk embroidery patterns. Due to high levels of intricacies involved, silk embroidery can consume a couple of weeks to months. Silk EmbroideryToday, silk embroidery has found an undisputed place in the fashion and garments industry. Fabric and dress materials embroidered with silk thread are held in high regard. Silk embroidered garments have great artistic value and are worn on a variety of festive occasions including wedding ceremonies, family get-togethers, traditional fests, parties etc.

In order to create eye-capturing embroidery patterns, craftsmen need to split a single silk thread into numerous thinner strands. Considering the design patterns to be created, a single silk thread may sometimes require to be split into 12 to 48 thinner strands. To arrive upon creating a captivating effect, craftsmen use multicolour threads to match the fabric materials. Stitching is done in layers and the 'karigars' or the craftsmen need to take frequent breaks so as to relax their eyes.

At Sherwani Store, our team of skilled craftsmen is known to create intricately wonderful silk embroidery patterns. Sherwani lovers mostly prefer this exquisite work of art. Our craftsmen dedicatedly create these embroidery patterns on a variety of silk fabric, one of the most sought after of all fabrics available to make Sherwanis. Silk embroidery involves the use of different stitching patterns depending on the extent and intricacy of the patterns. Mostly used stitching patterns include Satin stitch, Chain stitch, Zardozi work, Kasuti embroidery and Ari Bharat embroidery.

Silk embroidery is specifically known for its luster and sheen. To make silk embroidery even more appealing, embellishments and adornments are also used. Beads (both wooden and metallic), tassels, zari, laces and glitters are creatively stitched to fill out the spaces in the embroidery patterns.

Sherwani Store takes pride on its well versed craftsmen, 'karigars' and expert team of technicians. We truly strive to provide our clients and customers with the best quality embroidered Sherwanis and other traditional costumes. We have been able to uphold the insignia that we carry today is also because of the fact that we have handpicked some of the most innovative and adept craftsmen from different states of India. Our silk embroidered costumes supplied all across India and outside. We are contactable 24*7 and you can always send in your queries at our email id or can also give us a call anytime you want.