Jacket Sherwani

The Jacket Sherwani is much in demand by both the young and the young at heart. The Sherwani comprises of a three piece set which includes the Sherwani (or the inner piece), the jacket and churidar. While on the one hand, the Sherwani has a traditional look. On the other hand, it also features chic elegance. Generally, this type of Sherwani fits well on slim and tall people. However, if the measurements are expertly taken, the Jacket SherwaniJacket Sherwani can look elegant on other body types as well. In fact, since the designs and patterns are done lengthwise even people with lesser height can look taller dressed in a Jacket Sherwani.
Compared to other Sherwani types and designs available, the Jacket Sherwani has less but very ethnic embroidery work. You can wear the Sherwani on a variety of occasions like festivals, family get-togethers and even wedding celebrations.

Ethnic embroidery work of Jardozi is visible on the front part of the Jacket Sherwani. Jardozi or Zardosi is a special kind of embroidery in India. It is interesting to note that Jardozi embroidery has been in existence right from the period of Rig Veda. Though, with the passage of time, the embroidery type has evolved for the better, with much better, traditional and elegant design patterns. The colour of Jardozi embroidery also can be chosen as per your individual preferences.

Apart from jardozi embroidery, the Jacket Sherwani also has exclusive resham thread work on it. The designs are all hand created and the decorative thread motifs are available in a variety of designs and colours. When the jardozi and resham thread work combine on the Sherwani, it only enhances the look and texture of the Jacket Sherwani. The inner Sherwani has exclusive threadwork on the collar and the cuffs, besides the upper front half of the piece.

Though the major portion of the Jacket Sherwani is dominated by the inner piece, the jacket adds an elegant touch and is specially of a dark colour. Due to the dark shade of the jacket, as compared to the base colour, the Sherwani gives an enhanced look. The jacket is a couple of inches lengthier than the inner Sherwani. The main feature of the jacket is the border embroidery work. It has specialised resham threadwork on the shoulder, both frontlines, around the arms and the collar area. The embroidery work on the jacket is done only to complement the look and design of the inner Sherwani. And it is essentially taken care of that the motifs on the jacket do not in anyway override that of the inner piece.

Due to the lengthy look of the jacket Sherwani, only a churidar fits well with it. No other salwar or pant types would ever go with the appearance of this Sherwani. Though the colour of the churidar is to be selected with care, it is always advisable to wear a light matching colour churidar with the jacket Sherwani.