Banni Embroidery

Also referred to as 'Heer Bharat', the banni embroidery has its origin in the state of Gujarat. Though the state features a number of other embroidery forms, the Banni embroidery is specifically popular for its minute designs and fascinating mirror work. It is mainly the Kutch region in Gujarat where Banni embroidery is practised by the Lohana community on a large scale. Banni EmbroideryEven when a bride comes to her new home she may never be without garments designed with Banni embroidery. The designs are mainly worked in colours like mauve, yellow and pink.

The Banni embroidery pattern is mostly liked for the intricacy and richness of the design. Silk floss is used to create the embroidery pattern on fabric. The delicate weaves on the fabric particularly catches attention while the mirrors used in the buttonhole heighten the effect all the more. The mirrors are studded using the chain stitch pattern on the cloth.

Today, craftsmen skilled in Banni embroidery are practising the art form all across the country. Apart from bridal wear, home garments and Sherwanis, Banni embroidery is also done on a variety of other dress materials. The miniscule mirrors sparkle brilliantly when they catch the rays of the sun or any other artificial source of light. has the privilege of having some of the most well versed artisans who have been practising Banni embroidery for a number of years now. Our skilled craftsmen create impressive embroidery patterns on garments day and night. So, if you are looking to adorn your attire with some elegant looking pattern of Banni embroidery, you can get in touch with us right away. You can also ask us for some useful recommendations as well as clear your doubts and confusions, if any.