Rajputana Sherwani

Like other Sherwani designs, the Rajputana designs are also inspired by a certain heritage. The history of these design patterns go back to the period of the Rajput kings, rajas, maharajas and zamindars. The Rajput maharajas are remembered even to this day for their luxurious lifestyle.Rajputana/Rajputi Sherwani The Rajputana design Sherwani is a hint of the opulent style that those maharajas of the bygone era were fond of. It demonstrated the true Rajputana pride and valour for them.

A Rajputana design Sherwani is made in Angarkha style. It does not open in the front middle. Instead, it has a side-cut style, opening to one side. Rich embroidery work are visible all over. Dabka work and zari work are some of the most prominent design features. Sequins, beads, pearls and stones are used to embellish the embroidery pattern.

The Rajputana designs are characterized by numerous mythological characters and historical themes. Usually, the design patterns carry figures of birds and animals relating to the Hindu mythology. While the remaining body part is done in threadwork and embroidery work, the central portion like the eyes of bird and animals are filled with beads, pearls and stones. Interesting geometric patterns are also commonly noticed in the Rajputana design.