Kashmiri Sherwani

The state of Jammu & Kashmir has been blessed with a rich tradition of art and craft. Skills have been handed down from generation to generation. Due to there delicacy and refinement, Kashmiri designs are a rage all across India and the world. Whether you are looking for marriage dresses or any other traditional attire, Kashmiri designs add a unique touch to the garments. Kashmiri SherwaniThough, these designs take time to create but the result that comes out can at once grab the attention of onlookers. Sober Kashmiri designs make the whole personality look elegant.

Kashmiri designs are characterized by very delicate and elegant work. Multi colour thread work is extensively used to create these designs. Unlike other traditional design patterns, Kashmiri design includes minimal tilla work. Thread work is mainly done using resham and cotton threads to impart a sober look to the garments. Kashmiri design patterns are in the form of flowers, leaves and tendrils, technically known as 'booti' work.

Among NRIs and executives, Kashmiri designs have become a rage nowadays. That also makes it obvious that anyone who has a taste for refinement is sure to like this somber and solemn craftsmanship.

Kashmiri designs can be crafted on almost all types of silk fabric including Matka silk, Patola silk, Raw silk, Tussore silk and Pure silk among others. Kashmiri designs also give a captivating look on plain Japani fabric. Craftsmen used a round wooden frame (for smaller patterns) and the bigger wooden frame technically known as 'adda'. Sitting cross-legged, skilled karigars work numerous delicate patterns to decorate the fabric. A sewing needle or a hook needle is used to work the patterns, depending on the range and type of artwork.

SherwaniStore.com has handpicked some of the most skilled craftsmen and 'karigars' from different states of India. These 'karigars' have been practicing the art for years. We strive to deliver you attention-grabbing Kashmiri designs on a variety of fabric. The exclusive artwork not only imparts an ethnic look but also creates your very own style statement.