Cotton Fabrics

If cotton has today become the principle clothing fabric of all, there are many valid reasons for that. Clothes made of cotton have been in usage right from the primitive ages. The fabric's major characteristics are its softness, long durability and the fact that it is a breathable textile. Cotton fabric is also versatile and gives natural comfort. CottonWhether it's about making garments, everyday dress materials or home furnishings, cotton fabric can be a perfect option for all.

Cotton is obtained from cotton plant, scientifically known as Gossypium. It is actually the fruit part of the plant from which cotton fabric is made. In terms of production of cotton, China happens to be the leader followed by United States, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey and Greece. Depending upon the plant species from which it is obtained, cotton can be classified into four major kinds - American Upland, Egyptian, Sea Island and Asiatic.

Due to its excellent absorbent quality, cotton is a perfect fabric to wear during summertime. Dress materials made from cotton possess the capacity of absorbing perspiration and therefore are very comfortable to wear. Besides, cotton fabric is also weather friendly. The special structure of the fabric by way of a thermal insulation process prevent against both summer heat and cold of winter. Most importantly, cotton is hypoallergenic. That means, the fabric has a low tendency of causing allergic reactions to skin.

Naturally, cotton is not wrinkle resistant. To make it so, cotton is often blended with other natural and synthetic fibres. By mixing it with other fibres, cotton becomes bouncy and elastic. The procedure of creating cotton cloth is not an easy one. Before we receive the final cloth, cotton fibre undergoes processes like ginning, spinning and weaving. After that, the obtained cotton fabric receives various treatments to give it a perfect finish. These stages include singeing, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing and finishing.

Whether it is dense or light embroidery work, it can all be easily done on cotton fabric. The fact that cotton can be dyed in numerous colours, the fabric comes in a wide range of shades. Different kinds of multiple threadwork also look very impressive on cotton made garments. Much popular Achkan is usually made from cotton and is just the option to beat the summer heat. Besides, elegant kurta pajamas, suits, salwar and Sherwanis are all available in cotton fabric.